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Quotes and Kudos

Quotes and Kudos

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Quotes and Kudos First two guests since joining MTN
We had our first two couples stay since we joined MTN. Tuesday Bob and Becky arrived from Chapel Hill Tx and then the next wednesday Jim and Judy of Hendersonville NC stopped in. Brenda and I could not have chosen better couples for our first visitors. There story of travels were fascinating and both couples were very easily pleased. If the couples that come later are anywhere near as nice as
Bob and Becky and Jim and Judy the MTN is going to be a joy to participate in.
Pat and Brenda

--Pat Lee

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos THANK YOU FROM TOM & LORI
Friends, (Note: this was sent to 14 MTN Members!)

We have been safely returned to home from our outing to Alaska.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you, one and all, for helping make this trip a most enjoyable and memorable one.

We hope you consider coming to visit us, and without hesitation recommend everyone else on this list to you as thoughtful, and gracious hosts.

Ride safely, and enjoy !

Tom & Lori Decker

--Tom & Lori Decker

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Great First Experience
We are new to MTN and decided to take a short trip and stay with members Vern and Ruthie in MN. We were welcomed and they were wonderful hosts even though Ruthie had a sore leg from a recent mishap and they are moving in 2 weeks! Their hospitality was great, they are fun to talk to, and the breakfast was delicious. We are glad we joined and look forward to meeting more MTN members both as visitors and hosts. John & Alice
--John & Alice Irwin

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Hosting
What a great week. The BMW rally is in Redmond, Oregon and we live in Salem. This week we had the opportunity to host 3 different couples for 4 nights. First was Tom and Lori Decker on Sunday and Monday night. Marybeth and Bob Alexander arrived on Tuesday and Greg and Melanie Trup arrived on Wednesday. Gene enjoyed having a larger breakfast each day. We really enjoyed meeting each couple and hearing their great stories. We hope we can visit them one day. What a great way to meet people.
--Barb and Gene Anderson

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Texas with MTN
Just got back in Fl from a Texas Road Trip. Spent some time with the Swaffars in Gulf Breeze, FL and the Nordstroms in San Antonio, The Roberts in Pflugerville, and Keith Robins & Pat Smith in Nacogdoches, TX. All of the hosts went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, and we are looking forward to reciprocating. MTN not only made our trip more affordable but more memorable as well. It definitely is the way to go!
--Debbie Bowers

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Stayed with two families last July
I was traveling alone home from Kerrville, TX and the Women on Wheels Ride-In. Home is Massachusetts! I stayed with the Lash family in St. Louis, MO and a family (can't locate name just yet) in northern TX. Both were very positive experiences. Have not had anyone call to stay with us, maybe this season. Elaine
--Elaine Bagley

Quotes and Kudos
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