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Quotes and Kudos

Quotes and Kudos

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Quotes and Kudos Big Fans...
The wife and I are big fans of MTN. We recently stayed with Dan & Gale Bard as well as with Kathy Giglio and Chuck Barbaro. I've never had a bad experience with a MTN member. I only wish there were more of them out there.
--Jim Culp

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos I love it!
Ive been using MTN since last year when I was on a road trip all over the U.S. And thanks to staying with MTN members, I was able to extend my trip to nearly four months. The people I meet along the way are absolutely fabulous its so great to make those connections. Thanks ever so much for starting this network I love it! It allows me to travel longer and further than I could if I had to pay for a motel every night.
--Jacqui Lehman

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Great!
We just returned from a trip to east Texas, stayed with Harry & Tyna Leonard 2 nights and Kevin & Anne Churchill 1 night. Both homes were warm and inviting. Very accommodating. We really enjoyed our stays. Thank you MTN!!!
--Marie & Wendell Vince

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Used the network...
We really used the network this summer and were so blessed by it. Thank you so much for putting this together.
--Brian and Joy Turner

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Good fortune...
I had the good fortune to stay with a dozen MTN hosts during my two month ride around the country this summer. It was a wonderful part of my whole experience. Meeting all these great people was as much fun as discovering all the new places I visited.
--Dave Swift

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Jon and Eunice Geweke
Jon and Eunice were just great hosts for Joanna and I during this past summer when we came down to Wis to visit my Aunt and my 40th HS reunion. Sorry to do this late but have been terribly busy and frankly I just now have some time to catch up on all the visits. Next year we hope to visit them again when we go to Wing Ding in July. Keep the light on Jon!
--Jeff and Joanna Wenstrand

Quotes and Kudos
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