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Quotes and Kudos

Quotes and Kudos

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Quotes and Kudos Kudos
I'm glad I came upon the MTN web-site. Over the last year, we have stayed at several MTN-er's and enjoyed all our stays. We haven't hosted yet, but would enjoy doing so.

--Bev Betz

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos While out traveling...
Stayed with Christine Colborne in Roswell, Atlanta, Ga., for 2 nights on 4/13-4/14. She & Harry were wonderful hosts & we hit it off terrifically. Hope to see them again in the near future. Have been telling everyone about MTN. Thanks, MTN.
--Michael Scharf

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Great Idea...
Thanks! I really enjoy MTN and thank YOU both for conceiving and executing it.
--Alisa Clickenger

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Host
We have hosted two couples since we joined MTN and in both cases it was a delightful experience. Meeting great people from distant places is certainly a learning/networking experience. We were sad that we only had one nite together. It has given us the incentive to do more extensive travelng on our bike and to plan to stay with some of our members. Thank you
--Enille Everett

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos This is what one MTNer had to say...
"I can't tell you how much fun it is hosting the great members of MTN."

--Skip Harrison

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Recent Guests
We recently hosted Greg and Deb from New Zeland. What a wondeful evening. They shared their adventure of touring the U.S. with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together.
--Allan & Karen

Quotes and Kudos
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