Is hitting the open road on your beloved motorcycle one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy meeting “locals” and learning from them about the area? Are you someone who likes to lend a helping hand? Do you like motorcycle camping because it’s inexpensive, but occasionally wish for a soft bed and a hot shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe Motorcycle Travel Network is for you.
Motorcycle Travel Network
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Links First time hosts......
We hosted Mark Cain from Minneapolis, MN this past weekend and truly enjoyed his company. I wish we had more time to spend riding the Albuquerque area while he was here. My wife and I are looking forward to hosting again and meeting more great people.
--Chuck & Bobbie

Links Jim & Becky Shepard
Thanks for a great time at your home. We truely enjoyed the visit and the 6 people in your car! Ha ha. Joanna and I had a good time visiting family down there and a safe ride back home to Mich. If you get up our way stop on by for a stay and a visit, we have a good time. "We'll keep a light on." Love that saying. Thanks a lot.
--Jeff Wenstrand Sr.

Links Les & Vivian Howe
This was our first time of being hosted by another couple. Les & Vivian were terrific hosts! We had a great time with them, loved their car, and went out to dinner at a nearby town. When you get up to our neck of the woods, stop on by for a visit. Thanks a lot, and like Tom Bodet would say "We'll keep a light on."
--Jeff Wenstrand Sr.

Links Our fist hosting
We hosted Jeff and Joanna from the UP. We really enjoyed their visit and plan to travel to their home and check out the firm date yet. Since we just joined in July 2008 we are eager to check out some different areas of the country using MTN. What a great resource!
--Les and Vivian Howe

Links We have enjoyed being members of MTN so much
In May we hosted to most delightful lady from Canada named Holly Ralph. What a joy.

Now we have a couple from Troy, Ohio - Vivian and Les Howe. They are in Ann Arbor to attend a conference at Washtenaw Community College. We had so much fun, that we have talked them into staying again tonight. I think they are enjoying the visit as much as we are.

Thanks so much for putting together this great organization.

Oscar and Joanne Alber

--Oscar and Joanne Alber

Links Wonderful Concept
We just returned from our 6639 mile trip to 6 Eastern Canadian Provinces, including Newfoundland. We also were in 13 States and DC. We were graciously hosted in London by Felix & Denise; in Montreal by Marc & Susan, and in Quebec by Francois. In fact, since this is Quebec's 400th year, he insisted we stay two nights to see the city. We also planned to visit Ray & Kathy in Fredericksburg, VA, but our schedule changed. Everyone made us feel right at home, and in fact, each host even provided dinner rather than go out again. After the initial commonality of bikes, we easily shifted conversations to families and life in general. This is a great concept. I tell cyclists about it everywhere I get a chance. Let's build this Network!
--A.C. & Donna

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