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Quotes and Kudos

Quotes and Kudos

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Quotes and Kudos Cook-out Instead of Breakfast!
We had our first experience with a guest from MTN member Michael C., who was very communicative, cordial and appreciative. We had an evening cookout instead of the formal breakfast which seemed to work out well for both of us. He is welcome back anytime. Our experience was better than we anticipated and would hope that it would be the same for us when we visit others.
--Dennis and Ruth from Greeneville, TN

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos First Experience With MTN Was Excellent
Just a note to let you know that Di and I took the opportunity to stay with John and Deb in Benton, Ky. Both John and Deb were very gracious hosts. They took us to their favorite restaurant and showed us some of the sights around their home. They served us a wonderful breakfast before we left the next day. Our first experience with MTN was excellent. We will definitly try it again this summer.
-- Ron & Di Grinnell, IA

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos
I have hosted 2 people so far, Geri from CA, and Scott from FL. Both were very pleasant experiences & I'm looking forward to doing it again as well has being hosted by fellow members.

--Kathy from Beaver Dam, WI

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Chris & Vivian in Little Switzerland, NC
We joined MTN in December 2006.Due to a solo, cross-country trip I made in March and a recent ride to the 2007 BMWRA rally in Asheville, NC, (two-up) we have stayed with four MTN hosts already! Without exception, each of our hosts bent over backwards to make the visit enjoyable and restful. The hospitality of Chris & Vivian in Little Switzerland, NC (On the Blue Ridge Parkway) was a very welcome respite after a long days ride. Pam & I were treated to stimulating conversation, a marvelous dinner AND breakfast and had our own private suite with a king-sized bed! These outstanding accomodations were SECOND to the outgoing personalities and interesting stories shared by our hosts. Both are very well-traveled and can surprise and entertain their guests with conversation for as long as you wish. Being motorcycling enthusiasts is the icing on the cake! I can't thank them enough.. at least until we can reciprocate!
--Mike & Pam in West Greenwich, RI

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos MTN Experience as Guest and Host...
I want to let you know that the two times I used the MTN on my trip to Naples, FL, was a great experience. The hosts could not have been more accommodating. We recently hosted Frank from San Diego, CA and even though my wife was a little unsure when I first joined and told her what I did, she really enjoyed talking to Frank and learning about his life. This group of enthusiasts is all I expected to this point. You know there is something that is very human and enjoyable about people talking face to face that this techo world has done it's best to ruin.
--Roger Duffey

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Jim & Barb in Panama City, FL
Super couple in Panama City. Really made us feel welcome. Went out to dinner (pigged out on oysters), came back for a fun evening of card playing and talk. Excellent accommodations.
--Bill & Sandy Hatfield

Quotes and Kudos
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