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Quotes and Kudos

Quotes and Kudos

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Quotes and Kudos The first week we were members of MTN, it paid for itself
After learning about Motorcycle Travel Network at the Honda Hoot in Knoxville, my wife and I thought it was a great idea. We joined immediately! AndÖ the first week we were members of MTN, it paid for itself!

We were going on a scheduled vacation in a week and planned to spend a night on the road, going and returning, to break up the 800-mile one-way journey. We immediately started searching the MTN Website for members who might be available to put us up overnight, half way between our home (TN) and our vacation spot (WI). The first couple we contacted was not available for our trip north, but could host us the following week on our trip south. The second couple we contacted said they would be glad to host us on our way north. So, we had no problems scheduling our lodging.

When setting up our arrival time, I told our first hosts, Lynne & Carol, that we didnít want to arrive too soon and impose on them. Lynne told me, if they felt we would be imposing, they would never have signed up with MTN. Lynne said he hoped we could be there early enough to go with them to the county fair and then out to dinner, which we did and had a great time.

The return trip was just as great! We stayed with Scott & Christi, the founders of MTN, and they showed us around Columbus after going out dinner.

We joined MTN to save money while traveling but got much, much more.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and made four new friends that we plan on keeping in contact with. Now we have to decide where are we going to go next!

Ron & Aliceann McCabe

--Ron & Aliceann McCabe

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Having just returned...
from a six-week road trip across this great country, I can only say that staying with individual hosts was one of the highlights of our trip. We stayed from one to three nights with numerous "total strangers" and came away from the experience with a new appreciation for just how friendly and hospitable people can be. They were, without exception, delighted to have us join them in their home, happy to recommend local historic places to visit, introduce us to their neighbors and friends and always made us feel welcome. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who enjoys meeting new people. It sure beats staying in a typical motel/hotel room!
--Fran England

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos MTN Member had a great time...
It was a nice experience to host. We hope to do it again soon.
--Susan Konopka

Quotes and Kudos
Quotes and Kudos Niagara Falls
Stayed with Don and Anne Healy, and Thor, their beauiful Siamese cat. Very pleasant visit, but they went above and beyond the call.
--David Steele

Quotes and Kudos
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