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How It Works

How it WorksPauline Frommer, in America on a Budget, says, "We all have a spare cot, a pullout sofa, an extra room, don’t we? Why not use them to provide free lodging to travelers passing through? Why not do so in the expectation (among other benefits) of using such facilities on your own trips?" That pretty much sums up how MTN works! Upon joining MTN you’ll receive a welcome letter and a membership card. Just follow the guidelines below.

As A Guest / Traveler

Once you have determined where you are going to be traveling, log on to the MTN website,, using your log on and password.

Check the online membership directory to find hosts in the area you’d like to stay. If there isn’t one, check back later, we’re always growing!

Contact the member, by phone or email, making sure to mention MTN when making contact by phone, or in the subject line, by email. Be sure to give them your contact info and under what city/state you’re listed.

If the member can host, they’ll contact you. Make sure you are both clear about dates, arrival times and length of stay. The visit shouldn’t be for more than three days.

If you have any special food requirements, be sure to discuss this with your host in advance. If you have unusual food requirements, plan to bring them with you.

Make sure to arrive at the previously agreed upon time. If plans change you must notify the host immediately. “No shows” or last minute cancellations will not be tolerated.

Upon arrival and introductions, present your membership card and gratuity of $20 for two people or $15 for one person, immediately.

Accommodations are for members only, you and a spouse/companion. If there are other motorcyclists traveling with you, they must be members as well and pay a separate gratuity.

Discuss rules of the home, make breakfast and departure arrangements. In all things, remain as flexible as possible!

Be considerate and respectful of the host’s home, neighborhood and time.

If you choose to go out to dinner together, it is understood to be “Dutch Treat”. The Host should tell the server "two cheques".

Share your experience with us. We love hearing from our members!

As A Host

When contacted regarding a possible stay, try to reply either way, to let the traveler know, as soon as possible.

Membership to MTN entitles you to a clean, comfortable, private sleeping arrangement and breakfast (continental at minimum).

You are not expected to accommodate any special diets or unusual food requirements.

Share your knowledge of the area, either at breakfast or on arrival. Any info you can give regarding great roads, places to eat, local mechanical service, motorcycle “haunts” or just basic tourist info will be greatly appreciated by your guest.

If you choose to go out to dinner together, it is understood to be “Dutch treat”

Let us know how it went. We love to hear about great experiences. Of course, if there were any problems with your guest, let us know that, too.