Is hitting the open road on your beloved motorcycle one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy meeting “locals” and learning from them about the area? Are you someone who likes to lend a helping hand? Do you like motorcycle camping because it’s inexpensive, but occasionally wish for a soft bed and a hot shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe Motorcycle Travel Network is for you.
Motorcycle Travel Network
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I just came back from
I just came back from
the Hurleys in Callendar ontario. I stayed with them last year also. My bike broke down in Iron Bridge, 250 miles from the Hurleys, I was able to get a tow through triple A for 100 miles and Ron Hurley met us there (150 miles from his house) and trailered me back to his house, picked up the parts in North Bay (20 miles away) and got a mechanic neighbor to fix the bike Saturday night. I gave Ron a good check but could not believe how wonderful the Hurleys were, if not for the network I would have been up a creek without a paddle and many more dollars in the hole. Audrey Linn Keep up the good work
--Audrey Linn
We joined in April 2009, it is now June 2009 -- since joining, we have been both guests & hosts. We are enjoying this very much. We have met & dined with the nicest people. No regrets. We are already planning our next ride.
--Jean-Marie Nixon
Love the Network
Love the Network
We recently completed an Iron Butt Assoc. ride of 10,985 miles in 44 days. Stayed with a few of the MTW members. Always a pleasant surprise and great to share time with these wonderful people.Everyone seems to try so hard to make our stay memorable. Thank you.
This MTN... WOW!!
This MTN... WOW!!
We've met & stayed with one after another, great homes. Before the first half hour is up, you're great friends, having a great time! Hardest part is saying bye!
--Debby Kidson Fort
We just joined in May
We just joined in May
and we have used the service twice already.Our Granddaughter was graduating from collage in San Angel Texas so we decided to ride our trike down and take two days down and two coming back. On the way down we stayed with Roger and Della Bradshaw in Earlsboro Ok. they were great host and we were very happy with everything. Coming back we stayed with Bob and Susan Burchfield in Mannford OK. and again they were great host. If anyone has any doubts about MTN they just need to try it as we have already met two wonderful couples and are looking forward to meeting a lot more. We are looking forward to being able to host .
--Dale Thomas
Hosting and being Hosted
Hosting and being Hosted
We have both hosted and been hosted recently and have always had a good time. We recently were hosted by two first time hosters in New York and they both were more than generous with their time and hospitality. Thank you
--Jack Linn
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