Is hitting the open road on your beloved motorcycle one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy meeting “locals” and learning from them about the area? Are you someone who likes to lend a helping hand? Do you like motorcycle camping because it’s inexpensive, but occasionally wish for a soft bed and a hot shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe Motorcycle Travel Network is for you.
Motorcycle Travel Network
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Traveling on a Budget

Traveling on a Budget | More Info

Motorcycle Travel Network – Bed and Breakfast Network exclusively for motorcyclists

Youth Hostels – Don’t let the name fool you, any age may join. Have both private and dorm rooms, typically $15-20/night in dorm, $35-45/private room. – Just as the name implies. You can sign up to be a housesitter in the area you might be traveling, or if you need a housesitter while you are gone. Service is free.

Furnished rental apartments – Look in the local newspaper on line, a really nice apartment can work out to about $40 a night for a month.

B & B’s – Some barter work for lodging, you just have to do some research here.

If you are going to be going through a "college town", you can check with them to see about dorm lodging. It's usually pretty inexpensive.

At all rest areas on the interstate system you'll find "Discount Lodging" booklets that offer discounts. They usually say "walk in" rate, but call ahead to see if they have any "walk in rate" rooms available before you go.

Dining- - $25 gift certificates for $10 and $10 certificates for $3. Once you join, at no cost, they send you coupon codes to use for half off of that, making $25 gift certificate, $5!

Yellow pages often have coupons in the back, usually good for pizza places.

All sorts of travel size foods, condiments and toiletries to keep luggage to a minimum.

Parmalot, a pasteurized milk that doesn't need refrigeration and comes in a "juice box".

Carry camp nesting utensils, a microwavable bowl and metal cup that fits on the bottom of your Nalgene bottle. Can use these items to fix almost anything in hotel microwave, throw in small amounts of seasonings, to help.

Freeze dried camp food has improved immensely! Carry a pouch with you so you can just had hot water and eat from the pouch! We do this when it's raining and we don't want to go back out to eat.
Also, Orikaso dinner ware, flat plastic that "folds up" like origami to make a bowl, plate or mug and a portable grill that fits in a tube with a "vegetable steamer" fire bowl. Find metal cup and grill at, the orikaso at and the nesting utensils at

Then there’s always the ironed cheese sandwich


Enterprise rents their smallest cars for 50% off on the weekends. Great to use when you are staying some place for a while and want to set in provisions. Let us know and we'll send you a free upgrade coupon.

Greyhound Shipping – Tired of lugging that camping equipment around, but not ready to send it home? Try shipping it forward with Greyhound and pick it up the next place you plan to camp. They’ll even store it, for a fee, until you get there to pick it up. Much , much less expensive than FedEx or UPS.

Free Campgrounds books (East and West) – Many small towns have free camping in their little parks, especially out west. Quite a handy, yet a bit bulky, reference book.
We hope you are able to utilize some of these ideas, and if any of you have any ideas of your own, feel free to seen them to us, and we will post them right here. Happy traveling this season.
MTN - The Only Bed and Breakfast Network for the Traveling Motorcycle Enthusiast. Hospitality Exchange Organization Exclusively for Motorcyclists.When You Want to Travel but not be a Tourist. Inexpensive lodging for motorcycle travelers. Travel exchange for fun-loving motorcyclists. Hosting is a great way to learn about the world and guest travelers learn from the locals.
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