Is hitting the open road on your beloved motorcycle one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy meeting “locals” and learning from them about the area? Are you someone who likes to lend a helping hand? Do you like motorcycle camping because it’s inexpensive, but occasionally wish for a soft bed and a hot shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe Motorcycle Travel Network is for you.
Motorcycle Travel Network
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Welcome to Motorcycle Travel Network!

You are about to discover a whole new way to travel. It is inexpensive and yet comes with many rewarding and enriching experiences. You know all those people, other motorcyclists you talk to while you are traveling? Well, now you’ll be able to talk with them, swap stories and get advice about riding with out having to stand out in a parking lot somewhere, in the hot sun, sweating!

We are Christi and Scott Reynolds, avid motorcyclists, have ridden all of our adult lives and have met some very cool and interesting people while on the road. When we think back on past trips, it is always the people we met that stand out the most. However, these encounters are often as we are preparing to leave. That is usually when someone comes up and starts talking with us about our bikes, where we’re from, where we’re going, etc. We love meeting people this way, but always wish we had more time and a better place to chat.

We are now both retired and ‘empty nesters’ out on an extended tour around the country. Since we left home last July, we have had many wonderful experiences. We have camped, stayed in youth hostels and bunked with family and friends. In addition we have stayed with hosts who have graciously put us up for a night or two. These hosts have added a new dimension to our travels. Just as when we get older and want more seasoning on our food, these hosts have added more flavor to our trip.

Our Goal

The goal of MTN is for motorcycle enthusiasts to share their knowledge, experiences and stories with each other in a warm friendly and comfortable environment, namely, in a member’s home. We want to help insure that as you travel you will be staying with people that share your enthusiasm for motorcycles and travel. When you stay with MTN hosts you will be staying with “local experts” on where to ride, where to eat, sites to see or where to get mechanical service. Likewise you will be staying with someone who is interested in hearing about your riding adventures, and sharing their own. In addition, utilizing MTN will allow you to travel inexpensively, since the nightly gratuity for staying is only $20 for two or $15 for one.

Hosting is the other side of this exceptional experience. In quoting Wayne Phillips, who heads up the Hospitality Exchange he says: “Interestingly enough many people join these clubs not to travel but to welcome visitors into their homes. They believe that hosting strangers will enrich their lives and bring a little of the larger world to them”. We couldn’t agree more! As hosts ourselves we love to share our favorite roads, restaurants, and travel experiences with our guests.

Each experience, either as host or guest, has it’s own unique rewards. If you are a person that enjoys meeting other motorcyclists, sharing your knowledge of your local community, or would like to add a new dimension to your motorcycle travels, then Motorcycle Travel Network is for you!

Come join our growing family of motorcycle travelers.
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