Is hitting the open road on your beloved motorcycle one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy meeting ďlocalsĒ and learning from them about the area? Are you someone who likes to lend a helping hand? Do you like motorcycle camping because itís inexpensive, but occasionally wish for a soft bed and a hot shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe Motorcycle Travel Network is for you.
Motorcycle Travel Network
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are host homes evaluated?

We require that you submit a photo of your home. From this, we do a visual check to see that the homes are well maintained and neat. When joining, our members agree to provide clean accommodations, with some element of privacy and breakfast. Otherwise, we trust our members to let us know if a hostís home does not meet basic standards of cleanliness and maintenance.
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How many members are there?

MTN is fairly new, but there are several hundred members. We do expect to grow and hope to have as many as a couple thousand with in the next five years. Currently, we have members in 46 states, 7 Canadian provinces, as well as international members in other countries.
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Do I have to host? How many times?

Well, yes and no. You must have the ability to host. However, you only host when itís convenient for you. This is a reciprocal organization and those that travel are expected, at some point, to host. If you are contacted to host and it is not a good time or inconvenient, you are under no obligation to host at that time. Some members never get a call to host and some get many. Of course you are welcome to host as many times as you like and will hopefully have the chance to a couple of times a year! You will want to as host as it is as much a part of the the whole "experience" as traveling and being a guest.
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Can I join if I donít have room to host?

Well, no, sorry. As stated above, this is a reciprocal organization and is open only to those that can accommodate guests.
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Isnít it "weird" staying in a strangers home?

Not really, especially since you already have common interests - traveling and motorcycles. The other thing, too, is that they really aren't "strangers". They are fellow members, who have paid their annual dues and have a listing in the directory, just like you. Because you will contact them via email or phone to check if they can host you, you will have the opportunity to communicate with them. You may actually know quite a bit about them before you even arrive!
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What about smoking?

Any more, smoking has become somewhat of a "non-issue"; people just expect places to be non-smoking. However, it does list in the directory if the host smokes, or if smoking is permitted inside or out.
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I often travel with another motorcyclist, but not always the same one. How does this work?

If two "singles" are traveling together, expect and are given separate accommodations, then each must be a member and each pays the host the $15 gratuity. This is reasonable considering the host will want to know everyone staying in their home, as well as the time and energy of cleaning two separate areas/beds.
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Are the bathrooms and beds private?

The bathrooms will be listed as Private or Shared. Even if it is listed as Private, it still may require a trip across/down the hall. All sleeping arrangements should have a reasonable amount of privacy and will be listed as to what bedding they provide, i.e. Twin/single, Double, Queen, King or Non-standard, like a futon or pullout.
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What if I want more privacy?

If you are looking for total privacy, then look for a Motel 6! Traveling and staying with a host is an inexpensive way to travel, but expense is not the only reason to do this. Sharing the experience and learning from others is a major part of MTN. You will discover the "local" info - where to ride, where to eat and what to avoid.
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What about overseas travel?

Weíre working on it!!
Check the 'country drop-down list' for the most current listing of participating countries.
If you or anyone you know lives overseas... ask them to join MTN.
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Our beloved pet travels with us. Can they stay, too?

Since 70% of the US population owns a pet, bringing yours into the mix might be too disruptive. For this reason, we discourage it. However, you are always welcome to ask your host, but please respect their wishes if they say "no".
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How long can I stay?

We feel two nights is best, but you may, if the host agrees, stay up to three nights. Beyond that it is strictly up to the host's discretion to offer longer term accommodations.
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I would welcome a guest during the week, but work too, and donít have much time in the morning. What do we do?

It is strictly up to each member as to when to host. If you are uncomfortable about not being home in the morning, then you should only host when you know you can be there to serve breakfast. If you are okay with letting your guest make their own breakfast, make arrangements the night before to let your guest know what and where you will leave the breakfast items for them. Make sure to set a place for them at the table. Many people still work and are on different schedules from those vacationing. Communication is key, here. Make sure your guest knows this before arrival. Remember though, you are not under any obligation to host if it is inconvenient for you.
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How much time ahead should I make arrangements?

You should start a week or two ahead to give each of you a chance to "get acquainted" over the phone or through email. However, some hosts prefer last minute and that will be stated in their listing.
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Iím kind of concerned about letting strangers into my home. Should I be?

We are going to quote Pauline Frommer from America on a Budget, for this one. When talking about hosting organizations in general, she states, "So what can go wrong on an exchange? And is it safe? Surprisingly, security seems not to be an issue for these intrepid hosts and travelers. Steve, from Vermont, told me, ĎItís simply not part of the equation. We donít worry about it.í And what would seem to be a naÔve attitude is borne out by the facts. Not one of my informants could cite a single instance of theft or malicious damage. Perhaps this is because members must supply their addresses and phone numbers to join the club and can therefore be held accountable. Or perhaps this activity simply inspires a higher level of trust and consideration than do other forms of travel." Again, these "strangers" are just fellow members who have paid dues and have a listing that you can check before you decide whether or not to host them.
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I have a motorcycle, but happen to be traveling by car on this trip. Can I still use my MTN membership?

Certainly! You are still a motorcycle enthusiast. Most of us have to use 4 wheels once in a while. Just let your host know you will be traveling by car.
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Does it matter what brand of motorcycle I ride?

Absolutely not! This is an organization for traveling motorcycle enthusiasts of all makes and models. If you are not tolerant of people on bikes other than your own brand, you donít belong here. MTN is for people who are looking for a different type of travel and enjoy meeting other enthusiasts who like to hit the open road!
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